Re-Mi Bendali was born on July 4th, 1979, in Tripoli, Lebanon to Rene Bendali and Hoda Sidawi. She was born into a famous musical family, and it wasn’t long before her own gift for music and singing became evident.

At the tender age of three and a half, Re-Mi recorded her first song, “Imani Ahla Iman”, dedicating it to a war-torn Lebanon. She then went on to record other songs for children and released several albums over the years, but her fame across much of the Arab world is primarily attributed to a song that she sang in 1984 – “Atouna Ettofouli”. In fact, Re-Mi’s first performance of this trilingual song was at the official residence of the Lebanese president at the time.

In 1985, Re-Mi starred in her own feature film, “Amanie Tahta Kaws Kozah”, in which she sang the widely popular songs: “Ya Amar” and “Teer Ou Alli Ya Hamaam”, “Ma Tibki” and a few others.

Re-Mi’s singing career didn’t stop there, but continued well into her teens. During that period, she regularly toured many countries, performing shows for children and various charities. Among the countries she held concerts at besides Lebanon were Jordan, Syria, Kuwait, Qatar, France, USA and Canada.

In 1989, Re-Mi fled warring Lebanon with her parents and younger brother Rene Jr, and they settled in Montreal, Canada for four years. During her time abroad, Re-Mi focused on her school-work, but occasionally recorded new songs and travelled back to Lebanon and other Arab countries to perform them at shows and festivals.

And after a long break from producing new songs ( 17 years) , “Ma Nseet” ( ما نسيت ) was born in 2015 .She returned with a new album in a new spirit, to tell people “I did not forget”. She did not forget the people who loved her, who through their supportive messages encouraged her to make this comeback. She did not forget her country Lebanon , and still carry in her heart the same message of peace and hope she  once sang for. she did not forget her passion for music and her love for composing and performing on stage.

Through the album  she tries to tell her fans how the little girl they knew, became a mature woman, and shares her dreams, aspirations and feelings .The album contains 9 songs composed by Re-Mi herself, while the lyrics were written by : Camil Salameh, Antoine Chamoun, Mohamad Ali El Dika, Wissam Chidiak and Soumaya Mardakouch.

Musical arrangement  was done by the artist Mike Massy who accompanied her during this 8-month journey and supervised the recording that was done at Ralph Sleiman Studio’s.

Re-Mi  launched the album on the 20th of November 2015 in Virgin Megastore Lebanon

And currently she is working on new projects that will be announced soon …